immunoassay test kits

What else does Beacon offer?

Beacon specializes in the development and manufacture of immunoassay test kit components from bulk to finished goods. Polyclonal antibody production and purification, hapten design and synthesis, calibrator solution preparation and solid phase coating, Beacon does it all. 

In addition to our wide variety of ELISA test kits, Beacon can offer the following services.


We will work with you to accommodate your specific product assembly needs to meet your vialing, packaging and labeling requirements. 


Beacon has invested in high-throughput solid phase coating machines for both microtiter plates and 12 X 75 mm tubes for contract coating services.


For over 25 years our research & development team has developed sensitive and specific immunoassays for the detection of over 50 analytes in a variety of matrices. If you don't see what you are looking for in our catalog, we will work with you to develop specific sample and assay applications to suit your needs.


In addition to the over 45 recombinant proteins listed in Beacon's catalog, we offer contract recombinant protein development and production.

Contact us to learn more about what Beacon can do for you!