Beacon Cationized Bovine Serum Albumin (cBSA)

Beacon Cationized Bovine Serum Albumin (cBSA)


Beacon cBSA is prepared from a native BSA treated with ethylenediamine which substitutes negatively-charged carboxyl groups with positively-charged aminoethyl-amide groups. In comparison with the native BSA, the cationization of BSA alters its conformation as well as its charge. Haptens can be coupled to cBSA by using a wide range of crosslinking agents and various conjugation methods. This cBSA stimulates a higher immunogenic response compared to the native BSA.


The cBSA is supplied in a solution with 50% glycerol (approx. pH of 6.50), and is available at a 10 mg size.


Item #: 20-0243

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