Update (Jan 14, 2015) – New products added:

Beacon Analytical Systems, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets innovative testing products and services to the environmental and food/feed quality testing markets.­

Beacon offers a wide range of immunological (antibody-based) analytical testing kits and devices that
can provide rapid and cost effective solutions to your analytical needs. Beacon kits are available in three different formats to address your specific testing requirements:

  • Microtiter plate ELISAs – for high throughput quantitative testing; compatible with a wide range of microtiter plate photometers, plate washers and multichannel pipettes.
  • Tube ELISAs – for lower throughput qualitative or quantitative testing, compatible with tube photometers or for visual interpretation of qualitative results.
  • Immunochromatographic Devices – simplest to use for qualitative testing; no equipment required.

Beacon also offers contract assay development and manufacturing services to customers seeking analytical methods tailored to specific requirements.

Contact us to receive further information on how we can help with your specific testing needs.